What can therapy do for me?

If you have never seen a therapist before, thank you for your courage to reach out. It can be hard to navigate life’s challenges, and you do not have to go through it alone. Therapy can guide you through the process to find new ways of being. Therapy is intended to help you transition back to your own life, with newfound confidence, to guide you to stronger sense of purpose, and to encourage you to bring hopeful visions for the future into view. Whether you are an individual struggling with depression, a teen surfing the waves of emotion, a new parent struggling with anxiety, or facing the challenges of parenting through the adolescent years, Every Heart Dreams Counseling aims to guide you along life’s journey, to discover and follow your heart’s dream.

You will benefit the most from therapy through full engagement in the process. This means, taking time between each session to put into practice the things we have discussed, and to generalize the skills to your own life. By engaging fully you will find therapy much more rewarding. Some of the benefits of therapy include:
– Awareness of mood and anxiety triggers and strategies to manage them.
-Developing new healthy ways of coping with life’s stressors
– Identifying personal goals and dreams, creating an idea of “a life worth living.”
– Learning Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills to improve coping skills and interpersonal effectiveness in relationships
– Finding and maintaining healthy support networks
– Learning management techniques to deal with anxiety, depression, stress, and overwhelming changes in your life.
– Replacing old patterns of behavior with new healthier patterns.
– Developing new perspectives, and seeing life from a different lens.
– Improving self-esteem and confidence

Who can Therapy Help? How do I know if it’s right for me?

Every individual has a unique reason for seeking help. Issues surrounding depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and search for identity and meaning are some things that therapy can help with. The hope is that through your own process in therapy, you will begin learning healthier ways of coping, relating, and being in the world. The goal is for you to make lasting change in your own life, so you can feel free to live your life to the fullest. You deserve to truly discover and live your heart’s dream.

Should one consider medication in psychotherapy treatment?

While medication has been shown to be effective in treating many diagnoses, research has also highlighted that using medication in conjunction with psychotherapy, rather than medication alone, is often a more effective form of treatment. The use of therapy, in conjunction with medication helps you to explore and identify new perspectives and new ways of coping with your issues, while medication can help to provide symptom relief, or the space to process. The decision to take psychotropic medications is personal and individuals may also decide they would like to try therapy alone. Your decision will be respected, and if you decide you might benefit from psychotropic medications, I will provide you an additional referral for medication management.

Do the topics in each therapy session remain private?

The nature of therapy is confidential. Our communications will be private, and secured by HIPPA compliant regulations. I will review the privacy laws for confidentiality, as well as specified limits to confidentiality in our intake process, and will sign an informed consent for treatment. If you would like to coordinate care with outside treatment providers, you may sign a release of information form for collaboration of care.