Erinn Everhart, LMFT

Guiding individuals and their families to live their heart’s dream

Are you searching for ways to create more balance in your family life?

Are you looking for strategies to regulate emotions and learn positive coping habits for yourself and your family members?

Is your teen struggling with anxiety, self-esteem, or self-harm?

Are you a new parent struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression?

Do you want to establish happier and healthier patterns for your family?

During times of stress, we are continuing to search for improved balance in our lives. For happiness, for peace, for safety and wellbeing for ourselves and our families. We want to learn new ways to work through these challenges and begin to find joy in the little moments that life has to offer.

Let me be your guide. I want to help you find that balance, to have more time for relaxation and joy. I want to help you find time to connect and be present with your loved ones.

I am passionate about supporting individuals and their family members. I value the importance of strong and healthy family connections, mindful communications, and balance in family and personal lives. I encourage clients to build positive and adaptive strategies for self-care and coping with life’s stressors and challenges as they arise.

I work with individual family members who are feeling anxious and overwhelmed, struggling with life’s challenges and transitions. I also provide support for parents to learn tools and strategies they need to guide their families through times of transition. With a strong background in DBT, crisis intervention, and experience working in public school and psychiatric hospital settings, I am prepared to intervene effectively during crisis, to provide compassionate therapy for individual family members, and to offer resources for additional support.

I also help new parents of young infants, who are struggling to care for themselves while taking on the responsibilities and challenges of parenthood. I will guide them from a place of compassion, and experience in the process. As a mom of 3 little ones, I am familiar with the process of navigating the challenges of transition to parenthood, and family adjustment. I also provide support for new parents struggling with issues in the perinatal period.

My philosophy is client-centered and focused on providing the most effective treatment and support for the individual. I want to give you the space to feel validated, heard, and honored. It is my mission to help individuals and their family members to rekindle motivations, work through anxieties, clear the clouds of depression, and find a space where they are free to live their lives the way they envision.

Providing therapy from the heart while encouraging family members to follow their dreams

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Erinn Everhart, LMFT

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Erinn Everhart, LMFT

I offer warm, nonjudgemental and empathic therapy respectful of all individuals. I have specialized training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy treatment. I have trained with Postpartum Support International, certificate in Perinatal Mood Disorders. I have worked with individuals who struggle with: Anxiety and Panic, Social Anxiety, Teen Behavioral Issues, Coping Skills, Suicidal thoughts and Self-Injury, Mindful Parenting, Transition to Parenthood,
Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, Parenting Skills for toddlers through teens.

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Counseling offers the space for families to learn new ways of being and relating, for teens to gain coping strategies, and for parents of infants, toddlers, and teens, to find a sense of balance in their lives.

New Parents
I empathize with the real challenges faced by new parents. New mothers and fathers are exhausted by lack of sleep, crying infants, striving to find a healthy work/life balance, and readjusting to the many changes in the family. New mothers may experience complications related to hormonal shifts, and some may be susceptible to postpartum depression and anxiety. Parents may feel fearful about their babies health and safety, or about their abilities as new parents. I want to give parents the room to process these shifts in their lives, while preserving their dreams and maintaining a strong sense of hope for the future of their families.
Parent Support
Parenting is both rewarding and exhausting, whether caring for a toddler or a teenager. I will help parents and caregivers find strategies they need to be more present and mindful, and to combat feelings of overwhelm, regardless of individual parenting styles or practices. Parents deserve the support they need to work through the many unique challenges that arise when raising a family. My goal is to support families to maintain hope and resiliency through the challenges, to gain new strategies, and to remind them to keep their dreams alive.
I understand the desire for teens to have more autonomy and independence in their lives, while maintaining meaningful relationships and connection with others. I recognize the strong force of creativity, passions, and dreams, pulling them to live life to their potential. I want to be a guide, a voice of encouragement, to give teens the space to feel heard and honored. To free them from the clutches of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts or self-injury. They deserve to enjoy their youth and look forward to a fulfilling future.
Individual Family Members
Whether a family member has lost sight of what it is that motivates and inspires them or whether they are needing a fresh perspective, I will encourage them to engage in the process of continuing to learn and grow. It can be overwhelming when depression, anxiety, or other mental illness interferes with being able to live life to the fullest. My hope is that each individual will create the space they need for their hopes and dreams to re-surface.